What is CSV?

CSV Basics
CSV means "comma-separated values" and is primarily a data structuring format. When we see a file with the CSV extension, we can immediately conclude that such a file contains data formatted so that each part of the information in it is separated by a comma (or another common delimiter).

It should be noted that CSV file is a text file and you can view it in a text editor, for example, like this:
This type of data structure (CSV) allows programs - such as spreadsheets, a variety of cloud applications, and databases - to read your data in an organized way. For example, when you view data in Google Sheets, you see data structured in tabular form - that is, in the columns and rows that make up a table.
Or you can upload data in CSV format to your CRM, accounting program, etc. They read the data and convert it into information that you access and use to do your work.

Thus, a CSV file is a universal format for exchanging information between different programs, which can be presented both in tabular form and in the form that the program you are currently working with uses.