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Converting text files into CSV

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Since CSV is plain text stored in a file, turning ".txt" data into ".csv" is not too difficult. As a result, you can open it in a spreadsheet or import it into one of your programs.

How do you do it?

Open the ".txt" file in your default program (usually Notepad or Text Edit). Do not open the file in a text editor like Microsoft Word!

In Notepad on your PC, open the "File" menu and choose "Save As." Enter the name of your file and add the ".csv" extension. This will automatically change it to CSV format!

For Mac OS and Text Edit, choose "File" and then "Rename" - name the file again and add the ".csv" extension at the end.

Simply adding the ".csv" extension to the text file will change the file format itself to ".csv".

However, it is important to remember that if your data is in CSV format, it must be formatted correctly. Converting a text file to CSV will not turn your data into tabular data by automatically placing delimiters and headers.

So before you convert, make sure that in your text file, every value is separated by a comma (or other delimiter). Make sure you have a header line. Check that each "line" is structured the same way (i.e., follows the header order and is separated by commas), etc.