About us
We do not intend to invent data import. But simply want to make it user-friendly. So everyone who tried our Loader would say "Finally! Great data importer!”
The Idea
We came up with the idea for Loader during one of those dark northern nights (not really)))) when we were attempting to transfer our valuable data from an old CRM to a new one. We didn't know which one to pick, so we decided to put some to the test using our own data.

Some of the apps we wanted to test out had native importers. Some were fine, but others felt like side projects created solely to check a box. We were asked to modify our CSV file to conform to a template or to format data to format date. Many CRM apps only supported basic objects like contacts, but we wanted to keep our history intact with all of our notes, meetings, deals, and so on. It was also nearly impossible to link records without doing so manually. Of course, we tried automation providers, which were great, but didn't help at all.

So we wondered, why isn't there a single app or online tool that can import or update data to all of the various cloud apps on the market? That is also simple, quick, and low-cost.
Where we are going
Our long-term goal is to build a one-stop data import shop with hundreds of supported apps and thousands of data objects. We understand that it will not be a walk in the park. The data structures of all SaaS and cloud apps are significantly different and complex, as we discovered while developing our Loader. But we believe our team is up to the challenge.
Our Company
Punctilio is a completely remote business. Our team is primarily based in Northern Europe, but our founders are from Estonia, the small country with the world's highest number of startups per capita (that is what we have been told). We come from a variety of backgrounds, including software development, marketing, corporate finance, consulting, and some of us are just getting started. We enjoy brainstorming and do not believe in bad ideas.

We are not managed by CEOs, CTOs, or anyone else whose title begins with a C. As a result, we are more like a partnership and intend to stay so.
We are supported by Impulse Generator Fund
If you have any suggestions or comments about Loader, please send them to us contacts@csvloader.com or
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